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The NHS Digital SNOMED CT Browser provides ways to browser and search the SNOMED CT UK Edition. The SNOMED CT UK Edition consists of the International Edition plus the UK-specific content provided within the UK Clinical Extension, the UK Drug Extension, and the UK Pathology Extension including maps to ICD-10 and OPCS-4. This is for use in the UK only. Please see the SNOMED CT Release Schedule for more information

Note that the NHS Digital SNOMED CT Browser is updated in line with the SNOMED CT UK Edition release schedule, and will therefore not always align with content in the latest SNOMED CT International Edition release.

The Browser is provided by NHS Digital to anyone for reference purposes. The interface and REST APIs are not to be used as part of production systems. There are other tools developed by IHTSDO for Members for the use in health care settings.

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Information about the OPCS-4 and ICD-10 classification maps can be found here - Classification Maps

Please provide any feedback on the browser or content by emailing

If you would like to get involved in the development, this code is available under an Apache v2 open source license. You can also find more information on the current backlog of feedback that is up for possible development here - IHTSDO Browser service page

Releases will allow the selection of SNOMED CT content from the International Edition or other extensions, with specific dates.

Perspectives are pre-defined browsing layouts for specific purposes. Use the responsive perspective for best results in tablets and phones.


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